Neonatal Drug Therapy Manual


The Neonatal Drug Therapy Manual was developed as an aid and guide to provide health professionals involved with neonatal drug administration with a convenient, accessible and updated reference.

Every drug monograph has been researched by a pharmacist and reviewed by a group of neonatologists and/or a specialist in the field. Drug monographs are listed alphabetically by generic name and include dosage guidelines, administration recommendations, the most common compatibilities/incompatibilities and side effects. Intravenous preparations are stable 24 hours unless otherwise specified.

The dosage recommendations serve as a guideline and prescribers discretion should be used. These guidelines have also been designed to meet the special needs of the neonatal population in terms of volume and rate of administration for the intravenous drug administration. 

Our NICU does encounter patients outside the neonate age (ex: corrected and now "infant"), so some of the manual entries are aimed for that population specifically. Please read dosing and notes sections carefully. 


Please be advised that the on-line CHEOnet version of this manual is the most up to date version. All directors responsible for the area need to ensure that the most up to date information is printed and placed in the manual.

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CHEO has made every effort to ensure that the information contained on this website is as current and accurate as possible. However, changes can occur due to ongoing research and the constant influx of new information. Where possible, hospitals and healthcare practitioners should verify the information before acting on it.

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