Parenteral Manual


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Alternate Name(s): 
Uricolytic agent
Original Date: 
August 2005
Revised Date: 
October 2018
  • Rapid treatment of acute hyperuricemia, especially in the event of impending or acute renal failure (tumor lysis syndrome)
Reconstitution and Stability: 
  • Available in vials containing 1.5 mg of rasburicase as a lyophilized powder
  • Reconstitute with 1 mL of supplied diluent (sterile water for injection with Poloxamer 188) for a final concentration of 1.5 mg/mL
  • Swirl gently to dissolve.  Do not vortex or shake vial.
  • Reconstituted solution may be diluted further with 0.9% NS to a total volume of 50 mL
  • Reconstituted or diluted solution stable 24 hours refrigerated

- Solutions Compatible: 0.9% NS

- No other compatibility information.  Run in dedicated line.  Flush well before and after with at least 15 mL of  0.9% NS


(For approved routes of administration by nursing personnel, refer to Policy for the Administration of Intravenous Medications.)

IV Direct


IV Intermittent Infusion

YES  Large Volume Pump ONLY
Infusion time: 30 minutes
Usual Dilution: add dose to 50 mL minibag of 0.9% NaCl


IV Continuous Infusion NO

(For neonatal dosages, refer to Neonatal IV Drug Manual.)

  • 0.15  -  0.2 mg/kg/day for 1-7 days (usually no more than 3 days required)
  • Usual maximum dose: 6 mg/dose
Potential hazards of parenteral administration: 
  • Fever, headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, rash with or without erythema, dyspnea
  • Injection site pain or local reaction
  • Anaphylaxis, bronchospasm
  • Usually indicated for uric acid level greater than 400
  • Contraindicated in patients with G-6PD deficiency (risk of hemolysis)
  • Maintain anaphylaxis precautions and have medications available at the bedside
  • NB: All blood samples for uric acid assay must be immediately placed on ice (heparin/green top tube) and run immediately. Rasburicase's enzymatic activity continues to degrade uric acid levels in blood sample and will give a falsely low reading.  (May wish to pre-cool sample tubes.)

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