Neonatal Drug Therapy Manual


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Alternate Name(s): 
Keppra, Levetiracetam injection
Original Date: 
May 2016
Revised Date: 
December 2020
  • Treatment of Phenobarbital resistant seizures
  • IV intermittent infusion: over 15 minutes
  • PO
  • Loading dose: 60 mg/kg/dose IV/PO x 1
  • Maintenance dose: 10 - 60 mg/kg/day IV/PO divided Q12h

Dosage adjustment required in renal impairment.  Refer to available references or clinical pharmacist for dosage adjustment.

Side Effects: 
  • CNS: sedation, irritability
  • Dermatologic: rash (severe cases including Stevens-Johnson syndrome have been reported, drug should be discontinued with any signs of hypersensitivity)
  • Hematologic: decrease in RBC count, Hgb, leukopenia, neutropenia
  • Hepatic: rare cases of liver failure and hepatitis
Parameters to Monitor: 
  • CBC
  • Renal function
  • Liver function tests if presenting other risk factors for hepatic impairment
  • It is not necessary to perform routine drug levels
Reconstitution and Stability: 


  • Levetiracetam 100 mg/mL (doses < 200 mg)
    • Take 4 mL (400 mg) and add to 16 mL 0.9%NaCl
    • Final concentration : 20 mg/mL
  • Levetiracetam 100 mg/mL (doses > 200 mg)
    • Take 4 mL (400 mg) and add to 6 mL 0.9%NaCl
    • Final concentration: 40 mg/mL


  • Levetiracetam 100 mg/mL
    • Take 4 mL (400 mg) and add to 16 mL 0.9%NaCl
    • Final concentration: 20 mg/mL

- Solutions compatible: D5W, 0.9% NaCl


- IV:PO conversion is 1:1

- Do not abruptly discontinue therapy.  Withdraw gradually to reduce potential for increased seizure frequency



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